What Is The Stated Purpose For Wto Agreements


What Is The Stated Purpose For Wto Agreements

Work on these issues should include identifying the need to clarify relevant WTO rules. The Committee reports to the fifth session of the Ministerial Conference and makes recommendations, if necessary, on what action to take in the future, including whether to negotiate. The outcome of this work, as well as the negotiations covered in 31 ((ii) are consistent with the open and non-discriminatory nature of the multilateral trading system, cannot increase or reduce the rights and obligations of members of existing WTO agreements, in particular the agreement on the application of health and plant health measures, or alter the balance of these rights and obligations. And will take into account the needs of developing and least developed countries. 33. We recognize the importance of technical assistance and capacity building in the area of trade and the environment for developing countries, particularly the least developed countries. We also encourage the exchange of expertise and experience with Members who wish to carry out environmental assessments at the national level. A report on these activities is prepared for the fifth session. 45.

Negotiations to be followed under this declaration will be completed by 1 January 2005. The fifth session of the Ministerial Conference will provide an update on progress in the negotiations, providing the necessary policy direction and in 2006 to make decisions if necessary. Once the results of the negotiations are known in all areas, a special session of the Ministerial Conference will be held to make decisions on the adoption and implementation of these results. 46. The general conduct of the negotiations is overseen by a trade negotiations committee under the authority of the General Council. The Trade Negotiations Committee will hold its first meeting no later than January 31, 2002. It defines the appropriate negotiating mechanisms and monitors the progress of the negotiations. 47.

With the exception of the improvements and clarifications of the dispute settlement agreement, the conduct, conclusion and entry into force of the outcome of the negotiations are considered to be elements of a single undertaking. However, early-stage agreements can be implemented provisionally or definitively. Early agreements are taken into account in assessing the overall balance of negotiations. 48. Negotiations are open: more than three-quarters of WTO members are developing economies or least developed economies. All WTO agreements include specific provisions, including longer timelines for the implementation of commitments, measures to improve trade opportunities, and assistance in the implementation of global trade promotion services.